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Data protection

Protecting your privacy is especially important to us. Please note the following points of our privacy policy.

Scope of validity
The privacy policy applies to all websites that belong to ChemOil (hereinafter referred to as ChemOil websites). No guarantee of compliance with data protection provisions is offered for internet sites which are linked to from the ChemOil website that do not belong to ChemOil.

Use of information
In principle you can visit our website without needing to provide personal information. Only impersonal usage data such as your IP address, the last site visited, the browser used, date and time, etc. will be made anonymous, and only analysed within the Group, for the purpose of identifying trends and for improving our online offering. Data entered cannot be traced back to you.

For the purpose of improving service quality, we’ll ask you to voluntarily enter your details in certain areas (e.g. name, address, telephone number, email address and what information and services you’re interested in, etc.).

The need to enter your details for online orders or for purchasing certain services and products is unavoidable, such as when you order a freight forwarding service, for example.

No dissemination of information
Your personal data will neither be sold nor passed onto third parties outside of this Group. Exceptions: external service providers which handle your request or deal with your order on our behalf and which process the data that is mandatory for this, as well as other authorised Swiss railway companies. It shall be ensured that all parties that receive data comply with data protection and data security requirements.

In certain cases, we'll utilise so-called cookies. You can configure your browser so that a warning appears on the screen before a cookie is saved. You can also forgo the advantages that personal cookies offer. In this case, certain services may not be used.

Retention and storage of your data
ChemOil will take suitable precautionary measures and will utilise appropriate security technology to protect your data. Data will only be retained for as long as is deemed necessary with regard to the purpose.

Revisions to this privacy policy
The respectively applicable version of this policy shall apply. This privacy policy may be revised at any time. Please review this policy on a regular basis.

Legal basis
The Swiss Federal law relating to data protection (DSG) ((Link zum Bundesgesetz)) shall form the basis of this privacy policy.

Last updated November 2004
© Copyright by ChemOil Logistics AG, 2004 – All rights reserved.

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