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Rail is environmentally friendly as the energy and land consumption for each tonne transported is a fraction of the value of other means of transport. In addition to that, rail freight transport produces the lowest external costs of all the means of transport thanks to efficient electric engines, lower friction between the wheel and the track as well as an environmentally friendly power mix. All in all, rail is playing a leading role in reducing the emission of atmospheric and climatic pollutants.

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Compare the eco-footprint of different means of transport based on concrete examples. You'll marvel at what advantages rail offers in terms of its environmental impact.
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Safety on track
Safety has top priority at ChemOil as an accident may have disastrous consequences on people and the environment given the large amount of freight and the concentration of dangerous goods that we handle. Consequently we also place a high value on our logistics partners having a proven, first-class safety concept which should comprise the following points:The rolling stock, such as tanker wagons, should be equipped with so-called derailment detectors.

  • The inlets and outlets of tanker wagons should be checked in a structured way using checklists.
  • Dangerous goods, which have been resting for a long period, should be monitored.
  • Work related, operational and near-miss incidents should be logged in a database and systematically analysed so that preventative measures can be developed.
  • The logistics partners’ employees should be trained on a regular basis on the area of dangerous goods.
  • The logistics partners should be ISO certified.

Our initiative to make the carriage of dangerous goods safer – such as by means of Tracking & Tracing - is a pioneering step which has been recognised internationally.

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